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We at Rollenco offer multiple printing machines to serve our customers as efficient as possible. Each configuration has its own automatic feeder which is dedicated to a specific product type like paper bags, boxes and more! This feeder combined with our delivery systems makes it a one-man operation and can reach high speeds of 3.500 paper bags per hour. There is almost no set-up time involved which makes it the perfect solution for all small and mid-size orders. 

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Paper bag printer – Rollenco

Our paper bag printer is designed for all sorts and sizes of paper carrier bags. The industrial design, combined with...
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Custom Cardboard boxes printer – Rollenco

Boxes come in many different kind of models, thicknesses, and rigidities. This full colour print solution offers you custom cardboard...
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Generic all round Printing machine – Rollenco

This configuration can handle almost anything as long as it is flat and relatively light. The range of products it...



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Friction Feeder

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