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Optimise your production with our digital printing machine, combined with Rollenco’s experience and dedication in overprinting. All the equipment is industrial built and completely focussing on controlling the transport of the ready-made products from the feeding section to the delivery system. This will result in the best possible print quality, less wastage, and the highest production output!


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Full printing solutions

Your business is Unique and requires taylor made Solutions in order to be competitive.

We at Rollenco offer these solutions by combining standard components, resulting in a very efficient Print Solution for Your needs.

Full Solution

Paper bag printer – Rollenco

Our paper bag printer is designed for all sorts and sizes of paper carrier bags. The industrial design, combined with...
Full Solution

Custom Cardboard boxes printer – Rollenco

Boxes come in many different kind of models, thicknesses, and rigidities. This full colour print solution offers you custom cardboard...
Full Solution

Generic all round Digital Printing machine – Rollenco

This configuration can handle almost anything as long as it is flat and relatively light. The range of products it...

From Bags to Boxes and everything in between!

With Rollenco you have unlimited overprinting possibilities! Click below and check out our print gallery

Who are we?

Rollenco; a privately owned company established in 2011.

Our background lies in a rather unique specialism, namely “Solutions for Overprinting of readymade products” …