Pick and Place Feeder – Basic

Compatible with the: T4 Basic, T6


Our Pick and Place feeder basic line is designed primarily for (pizza) boxes while also capable of handling paper bags and various other products. It provides a cost-friendly alternative to our advanced line. This feeder features a top-loading, bottom-feeding mechanism to ensure smooth operation. Unlike the advanced line, it does not include the ability to pre-stack items on the transport belt. Nevertheless, it efficiently handles wider products.

• Maximum product size (W x L) 850 x 1200 mm
• Minimum product size (W x L) 140 x 110 mm
• Maximum product thickness 4 mm
• Minimum product thickness 0.5 mm
• Maximum speed 1500 products per hour

CE quality mark

Video of the Pick and Place Feeder – Basic


The following materials are suitable for our automatic feeder


Pizza Box

Bread Bag

Cardboard Box

Cardboard Box

Cardboard Box

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