Printable Products


Our digital printers are capable of printing a wide and divers portfolio of custom printed products from paper, cardboard, cotton and many more ink absorbing materials.                   

Printing on ready made products with hight differences? The Rollenco-T4 or the Rollenco-T4 Basic are your partners!            

Looking for a high print quality on your relatevely flat materials? The Rollenco-T5 can help you out!                                                     

More needs to a wide format printer for cardboard boxes? The Rollenco-T6 can be the solution soon…!

Please contact us so we can find together the perfect solution that will go beyond your expectations.

All Printed with our machine



Wine Box

Beer Coaster

Beer Coaster

Bread Bag

Paper Pouche

Paper Pouche

Paper Pouche

in een van onze machines?