We provide overprint solutions….
A specific and rather unique and an absolute kind of niche engineering. Our focus is driven by the needs of the current market. Machinery will be designed in order to satisfy the rapidly changing markets. We will come up with modular solutions that are engineered to fulfill the demanding and changing market of today and tomorrow.

We have our background in traditional (Halm) Offset and with this expertise and knowledge, we have made the step to Digital printing. Depending on your needs we can help you, traditional or digital Rollenco is your independent and reliable solution provider.

Digital overprint solution

The DigiFlex-T3 has been designed to meet the growing amount of relatively small orders that need to be personalized. The Printer is the actual heart of the machine and can handle a wide range of products. To mention a few: paper carrier bags, bubble bag, cardboard, gusset and standard envelopes, cartons and all kind of e-commerce kind of packaging materials.

Modular design and tailored to your needs

See the machine in action!


Envelope Overprinting machines are not comparable with any other printing machines in the market. Due to the nature of difference in envelopes the machines are designed to overcome these variables. This requires special trained staff and expertise, this is what we have and love to share!

We, service, sell parts, inspect, modify, repair, train, upgrade purchase and sell your envelope printing machines. If you are looking for a superb machine, give us a call we have a wide range of machines in stock in order to help you quickly with the machine of your needs.

Check out our recent projects at YouTube.

Rollenco Machine Halm EM4000

R&D / Engineering

At Rollenco the ideas are not born behind a desk or in internal meetings. We do not have bright ideas
for the actual need of “the market”. Our customers, You, experience the challenges daily and realize
what is needed to be successful in this fast-changing world.
First: we listen, we talk, we observe, what are the challenges of the market? With those results we
develop, produce and finally deliver equipment that will make you a winner.
R & D – that creates competitive advantage and profitability, for you!

Services and support

We at Rollenco provide full service and support globally for our customers. We install the machines at your location and train your employees. This in order to benefit from the new machine as quickly as possible.
But we don’t let you alone after the installation! We provide full support on site and remotely as well. By doing so downtime is minimalized, we can update and upgrade your machine regularly and affordable.
We always give the best support as our goal is to meet your requirements and even exceed them.

Your success? Our Challenge!

Contact information

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Sales & Marketing

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Parts & Service

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Parts & Service

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