Envelope overprinting is your and our business.

With key-personnel that have been at Halm for decades, “combined we have more than a century of experience” it is no surprise that Envelope Overprinting is baked in our genes.

We are your in-dependent partner, regardless what kind of question, problem or desire you might have in respect to Envelope overprinting. We are to help, advise service and seek solutions that you have been looking for. We will not rest until you are satisfied.

We can service, upgrade, repair your machine, train your staff, and supply Spare Parts. Revisions can be done on site or in our well-equipped workshop in Bleiswijk.

Our Flexibel Digital envelope printer revealed at Drupa 2016

Small orders and flexible packaging. The actual order size in general is decreasing. Apart from this ongoing development there is a growing market for small packaging materials. This market,  predominantly  for the  online sales of small goods, has a need to overprint small packaging envelopes and  boxes.

Flexibility is key! A special multi-purpose feeder will feed almost any kind of envelope with ease. The digital print-head is easily adjustable  so even printing of Bubble-Bags is no problem anymore. A special cleaning device with a revolutionary approach combines high powered anti-static bars, with a powerful air jet bar and high-pressure vacuum slot.

See the machine in action!


Envelope Overprinting machines are not comparable with any other printing machines in the market. Due to the nature of difference in envelopes the machines are designed to overcome these variables. This requires special trained staff and expertise, this is what we have and love to share!

We, service, sell parts, inspect, modify, repair, train, upgrade purchase and sell your envelope printing machines. If you are looking for a superb machine, give us a call we have a wide range of machines in stock in order to help you quickly with the machine of your needs.

 It is your satisfaction that counts.

Check out our recent projects at YouTube.

Spare parts

We have a wide range of spare-parts in stock. Pricing of these parts is very competitive but besides the price, it is quality that comes on the first place. We promise that the parts are equally good as “original”, more likely the parts are of a premium quality. Consistently we are looking for better solutions for parts so that your presses will be better than before. Ask for our catalogue and see what we have in stock.

You cannot find the required part? No problem, give us a call and we will seek the solution for you.

It is your satisfaction that counts.


With our experience in the field we have built up enormous knowledge of the envelope printing machines. Regardless what the issue might be, we have the answer how to get your machine back in business in no time. You can also contact us to inspect your machine and get advice what would be the options that you have.

We love to service your machines towards a 100% satisfaction and that is a promise!

Rollenco is the manufacturer of Superior Rollers

We manufacture rollers for Halm and Winkler & Dunnebier presses, with our specific know-how we know exactly what the requirements are needed for perfect envelope printing.

We are also producing for the Graphic OEM market and any other Roller you are looking for! Click here to go to Superior Rollers.

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